Completely Refurbished and Reconditioned
Chicago Benge Trumpet- SOLD $1750
SOLD To a player in Caifornia.

This trumpet was totally Reconditioned by Tuck Tellier of Crown Resources Lab in Glens Falls, NY.
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The serial number 3250 shows the manufacturing date as 1953
The valves all have matching serial numbers which are the same as the serial number on the trumpet. This is a "E-Benge" Bb Gold plated Trumpet and the engraving on the bell reads
"Custom Built"

A very nice looking and good playing "Bb" Trumpet. It was totally stripped of the old lacquer that someone added onto the gold plating.
It was then polished and left with the original gold plated finish.
All solder joints inspected and redone as necessary. Valves and valve casings were chemically cleaned. New corks, felts and springs have been installed.
The original leadpipe has been replaced may a matching mouthpipe and the two top tubes have been replaced in the main tuning slide. All crooks are original
These horns have great intonation, a sweet tone, and a smoothe scale.
For more information about the Chicago Benge trumpets see the website at: Click here to See www.Chicago Benges

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E-Benge Bb gold plated Trumpet
completely overhauled

A very nice looking horn.
A joy to look at and a pleasure to play!

Truly one of the nicest Benges around.

Bell engraving is clear and sharp

Mother of pearl buttons are not chipped or broken

The valves were cleaned, lapped and polished.
All felts, corks and springs have been replaced.
The original valves have matching serial numbers which match the SN of the trumpet.

Original Mother of Pearl valve buttons are in perfect shape.

Original slides and valves were chemically cleaned and polished. Original Gold plating is left intact.

Original case with Lyons Band Instrument Company of 223 W. Lake Street, Chicago
has been repaired and is sturdy and useable.

Lyons Band Instrument Company emblem

Badge in case.

Ready to ship and play.

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With so many inferior Asian instruments being sold today, we do not service or sell certain brands. These instruments do not stay in playing condition for long and many times are not worth the cost to repair. Replacement parts are usually unavailable and are non-standard. Retailers who sell these instruments usually try to mislead consumers by saying that these instruments are "band approved" "teacher approved" or "instructor approved". Please be aware of this before you purchase an instrument that is priced at a fraction of the established brands.